El Carrito: Week Three, Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unexpected Developments

This is the document Raons Publiques currently uses:

Plan and Neighborhood Survey

Plan and Neighborhood Survey

It shows a map of the area with limits well beyond the neighborhood so that residents can freely choose what they consider the “limits of the barrio.” In order to supplement the document, today we also asked people to draw, on a blank page, their image of the barrio, in the style of Kevin Lynch. Unexpectedly, one of the children asked Andres if he had drawn a Barrio Image Map yet, and then proceeded to challenge him to a draw-off!

The event ended in games and origami. But several kids lingered around El Carrito long after they finished “participating” by drawing and tracing maps. Pretty soon, they started engaging the residents themselves by handing out information fliers.

Where Participation Flourishes

The Fort Pienc Plaza is by far the most robust public space in the neighborhood that includes the most diverse population. Our position with El Carrito, naturally changes with the crowds: on weekdays it is either on axis with the library doors, or close to the school doors once the children get out; on Saturday El Carrito is positioned closer the main circulation of the plaza on Ribes Street that runs through the space, which is, in essence, an expansion of this path. However, it still only one space in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, one of the reasons participation is important in Fort Pienc is due to the lack of public space; and so there are few places to engage the public.

Fort Pienc Plaza is in the center of the barrio, along Ribes Street

Fort Pienc Plaza is in the center of the barrio, along Ribes Street

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