El Carrito: Week Seven, Monday, March 5, 2011

El Carrito y Carnaval

In the spirit of Carnival, we donned some masks before heading off with El Carrito to recruit Neighborhood Detectives on Saturday morning, an activity we tried out on our last participation outing.


Masked Participation

The Neighborhood Detectives, ranging in age from seven to twelve, are full of enthusiasm.

Neighborhood Detectives question people in the plaza

Public Space Interrogations: Complete!
Some work in groups and other independently; some groups come for clarifications after each of the five questions and one group completed the entire survey without any further help from us. In addition to the information gathered, the exciting part about this new activity is two-fold. On one hand, the activity encourages children to engage with their immediate environment and enter into conversation with adults about the surrounding space. Secondly, since we will print the photos to give the Neighborhood Detectives next time they see El Carrito, the engagement continues beyond an isolated even on a Saturday morning.

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