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April 26, 2011

Public Space Trading Cards

Official Public Space Trading Cards of Fort Pienc!

click here for the full series in PDF form (this might take a while….)

For rules of the game, follow this link > Neighborhood Detective Public Space Cards

April 26, 2011

Public Space and Participation

Follow the ongoing activities, travels, happenings, performances and, of course, public participation of El Carrito at these great sites for people and urban information:

MIT’s CoLabRadio


Raons Públiques

A good summary of what El Carrito is all about can be read at:

Engaging Cities

(that has quite a bit to offer for the citizen-urbanist seeking to connect to knowledge far and wide!)

April 26, 2011

Categorizing the Public Spaces of Fort Pienc

Raons Publiques members observed some of the Public Spaces in Fort Pienc. We are exploring developing a methodology by which to analyze Public Spaces. Follow the links below to see some of the explorations (in spanish):

Ribes Street / Carrer Ribes

Fort Pienc Plaza / Plaça del Fort Pienc

National Theatre / Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Andre Malraux Plaza / Plaça d’André Malraux

You can explore more spaces through the following map:

April 26, 2011

Observation Diaries

The following editable PDF is yet another step towards a methodology of analyzing public space:

Sistematizacion Observación

Check out the Public Space Index for pages on individual public spaces in the Fort Pienc neighborhood.

February 17, 2011

Public Space Characteristics


Relationships between the Characteristics of Public Space

See the Approach page for continued updates exploring these relationships.

February 13, 2011

Images of Forat de la Vergonya

In the Ribera neighborhood of Barcelona, a public-private partnership cleared blocks in the name of rehabilitation.

View of Forat de la Vergonya

View of Forat de la Vergonya

The residents of the area were able to reclaim this space for their community after much ongoing struggle. The demolished blocks left a large space in the Ribera neighborhood. The appropriated space is self-managed by the community as is stated in the marker of the public space:

The Plaza Marker anounces the Plaza is Self-Managed

The Plaza Marker anounces the Plaza is Self-Managed

Uses of the space include gatherings for various activities at the civic center, located at one end of the plaza:

One end of the plaza includes a Civic Center for Gatherings

One end of the plaza includes a Civic Center for Gatherings


Cultivating an urban community garden at the opposite side:

The Community Urban Garden

The Community Urban Garden

And bird feeding, in general:

bird feeding

January 27, 2011

El Forat de la Vergonya / Hole of Shame

In beginning to study some of the participation processes that have happened in Barcelona, I will begin with some information on one of the most famous / infamous cases, El Forat de la Vergonya / Hole of Shame, and direct the reader to a recent post on the subject. Also, see this from 2007. More will be revealed as research commences.