Fort Pienc: Public Space Index

The following PDF sets the rules for the Public Space Trading Cards, each of which is related to a real space in the neighborhood:

Neighborhood Detective Public Space Cards

The following editable PDF is yet another step towards a methodology of analyzing public space:

Sistematizacion Observación

To use the interactive map, click on a YELLOW MARKER on the aerial Google map to choose a Public Space in Fort Pienc and follow the link to more detailed information for each space. Have fun!

Note: All of the individual pages for the Fort Pienc Public Spaces can be found under the FORT PIENC: PUBLIC SPACE INDEX tab.

Public Spaces in Fort Pienc

Public Spaces in Fort Pienc

Map Grid1A:

1.            Constança d’Aragó Gardens

Map Grid2A:

2.            Carlit Gardens (for school use)

Map Grid2C:

3.            Space @ Marina-Diagonal-Consejode de Ciento-Sardenya

4.            Clotilde Cerdà Gardens

5.            Manuel de Pedrolo Gardens

Map Grid3A:

6.            Plaza Tetuan***

Map Grid3C:

7.            Marina-Casp-Sardenya-Gran Via**

8.            Plaza de Toros Monumental

Map Grid3D:

9.            Ribes Street*

Map Grid3F:

10.          Plaza Glories**/***

Map Grid4A:

11.          Antiga D’Horta Street

Map Grid4B:

—             Ribes Street*

12.          Space @ Ribes-Napols-Ali Bei-Sicilla

13.          Plaza Civic Center Fort Pienc

Map Grid4C:

—             Ribes Street*

14.          Lina Òdena Gardens

Map Grid4D:

15.          Space @ Auditori

16.          Space @ National Theater of Catalunya

Map Grid5A:

—              Ribes Street*

17.           Arc de Triomf***

18.           Plaza Andre Malraux**

Map Grid5B:

19.           North Station Plaza

20.           North Station Park

Map Grid5C:

21.          Soccer Field

22.           The Site @ Marina

23.           Pedestrian Walk across Marina

Map Grid5D:

24.           Triangle Park @ Ali Bei-Lepant-Meridiana

Map Grid6A:

—             Arc de Triomf***

Important Spaces outside the “Limits” of Fort Pienc

Map Grid2C:

25.          Space @ Arago-Diagonal-Marina

26.          Space @ Arago-Diagonal-Marina-Lepant-Carrer de Enamorats

Map Grid5D:

27.          Space @ Meridiana-Sancho de Avila-Lepant

*             Ribes Street is partially pedestrian and traverses most of the neighborhood

**           Public Spaces currently planned; in process of rehabilitation

***        Public Spaces of city-wide importance on edge of Fort Pienc


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