11. Calle Antiga D’Horta

Carretera Antiga D’Horta / Calle Antiga D’Horta / Antiga D’Horta Street


Entrance into Public Space


This page is dedicated to the written and graphic representation of a Public Space. The objective is to document both social and physical aspects towards an integrated understanding. This site also welcomes participation as both a quick vote and more in-depth input from neighborhood stakeholders in order to describe the lived experience of the space. Together, we can build a strong body of knowledge of our built environment in order to stimulate informed proposals for the maintenance, improvement or interventions in Public Space.





Quick Description

Carretera Antiga D’Horta is an urban courtyard open for public use. It is located in the same space as an old village street that existed before the expansion of Barcelona at the end of the 19th Century. The space is designed to serve children’s play and includes two playgrounds for children of different age groups. On the north side, the courtyard is bordered by a school; otherwise, it is surrounded by residential buildings that vary in height from five to eight stories. In the middle of the court, a contemporary building contains a municipal social service center.

Espacio / Place

Urban Form

Themes: path, expansion of path, infill lot, interior court, corner lot, block


[diagram plan view]

Spatial Characteristics

Area: 4 360 meters2

Enclosure: 91%

Enclosure height: 5 – 7 stories

Permeable surface:  ___%

# of trees: +/- 20

Elevation change: 0

# of entrances: 2

Places  to sit +/- 10

Noise level: medium


Themes: pedestrian, transit, auto

Sphere of Influence / Catchment Area

Themes: local, metropolitan, regional, national, international


Themes: walk, bike, public transport (metro, bus, other), private automobile, parking


Themes: pedestrian, auto, natural (light, air, water, flora, fauna)

Destination / Transition

Uso / Use



Themes: social interaction, passive recreation (solitary, group), active recreation (solitary, group), habitat, resource production, resource remediation

Civic Uses

Themes: participation, protest

Time of Use

Themes: daily, weekday, weekend, seasonal, event


Themes: commercial (food, drink, goods, services, sights), institutional (school, library, church), natural (passive, productive)

Social Service Municipal Building inside the Courtyard
Social Service Municipal Building inside the Courtyard

Gente / People


Themes: children, adolescents, adults, seniors, dogs, other species

Themes: children, adolescents, adults, seniors, dogs, other species

According to the plaque at the entrance of the space, children are the main users of this space. Of course, parents spend time in the space as their children play in one of the designanted playgrounds, or really anywhere their parents will allow.

According to the same plaque, dogs are especially forbidden in this space.

Entrance info into space

Entrance info into space


Themes: residents, tenants, shop owners, community organizations, politicians / administrators

Identidad / Identity


Themes: hidden, memorialized


Themes: who, how, why / intention

Program Support

Themes: public, private, nonprofit, combo

Image of Place

Themes: imageability, memory, identity

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